This Tilting Earth

Jane Lovell
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Tuesday, March 5, 2019
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Winner of the Mslexia and PBS Pamphlet Prize 2018

J​​ane Lovell’s poems are both beautiful and disturbing. A deep feeling for the natural world is aligned with an acute lyric sensibility, as well as a profound ethical awareness of our responsibility for the planet and the devastation of its landscapes and vulnerable species.

‘With a delicacy and rhythm that is mesmeric, Lovell places each word as a seed with the intent to sow a deeper awareness - so very needed in this time of grave ecological uncertainty. These poems read as a roll-call of loss; of creatures, of species and their landscapes; of our own human innocence degraded through cultural and scientific pursuits that have picked the earth clean of its once-teeming life. With scientific precision, Lovell binds together parcels of the lost, lifts them from the silts of a too- swiftly forgotten history, and gives them voice.’ 
– Autumn Richardson

‘Jane Lovell’s poems are crafted with a jeweller’s precision. They make visceral connections with the wild in a language all of her own.’
–James Roberts​





Review in Poetry Book Society Summer Reading

Friday, June 7, 2019

Winner of this year’s Mslexia and PBS Women’s Pamphlet Competition, judged by Seren’s Poetry Editor Amy Wack, This Tilting Earth presents a sequence of beautifully crafted poems about our out-of-kilter world. Lovell’s poetry is poised between the elements, “I am curved air / or water over stone”, and hinges upon natural “spill-points”. The title poem considers tiny bones, tusks and vertebrae in a “song of lost species” which opens up the collection to wider ecological concerns about the future.

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