Love and Fallout

Kathryn Simmonds
Publication Date: 
Tuesday, June 3, 2014
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‘A blast from the past…beautifully told’ – Maureen Lipman

‘This is a five star read – one to take to bed at night and enjoy until the small hours… Kathryn Simmonds’ writing is a delight’ – Mavis Cheek

‘This is a really good read and a reminder of Greenham Common at a time when the world is again risking nuclear confrontation. It’s also the story of waning love and the challenge of maturity.’ – Clare Short

When Tessa’s best friend organises a surprise TV makeover, Tessa is horrified. It’s the last thing she needs – her business is on the brink of collapse, her marriage is under strain and her daughter is more interested in beauty pageants than student politics. What’s more, the ‘Greenham Common angle’ the TV producers have devised reopens some personal history Tessa has tried to hide away. Then Angela gets in touch, Tessa’s least favourite member of the Greenham gang, and she’s drawn back into her muddy past.

Moving between the present and 1982, and set against the mass protests which touched thousands of women’s lives, Love and Fallout is a book about friendship, motherhood and the accidents that make us who we are. A hugely entertaining novel from debut novelist and award-winning poet Kathryn Simmonds.

‘Engrossing and engaging. This is a funny and acutely observed book about an often overlooked moment in history. The expectations women have of themselves and each other are exposed in Simmonds’ wry story of friendship and loss.’ – Catherine O’Flynn, author of What Was Lost and Mr Lynch’s Holiday

‘A fantastic debut, captivating, funny, brilliantly observed and a great read.’ –

‘There’s a real sense of authenticity as the formative experiences of youth shape family and relationships. Great character observations; sometimes excruciating, often heartbreakingly sad, frequently funny.’ – Which Book

‘Love, sisterhood, guilt and grief – Simmonds understands them all. I read it in a single sitting.’ – Francesca Segal

‘A tale of love and loss…engrossing and compelling.’ – The Lady Magazine

‘This novel transported me and I have vowed to buy a number of copies of Love and Fallout to send to old associates to see if it works its restorative magic and reacquaints me with lost friends too.’ – Wales Arts Review




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Review from The Lady

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When charity worker Tessa opens her front door to find a TV crew assembled, ready to ‘make her over’, she has no idea of the chain of events and emotions this will trigger.

Coerced by her husband and best friend, Tessa takes part in the programme, hoping it will give some coverage to her latest campaign. The last thing she expects is to dig up her past.

Alternating between the present day and her time at Greenham Common Women’s Youth Camp in the early 1980s, Tessa finds herself forced to reassess her life, her relationships and her choices.

A tale of love, loss and the meaning of sisterhood: engrossing and compelling.
– Lilly Cox

24/06/2014 - 10:34