John Tripp: Selected Poems

John Tripp
Publication Date: 
Wednesday, April 1, 1987
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This volume will be warmly welcomed by the many admirers of John Tripp. A well known and popular figure on the poetry scene, his untimely death in 1986 meant the loss of a ’devoted and passionate poet’, as John Ormond calls him in the Introduction to this book.

Pithy, regretful, bitter, angry, at times tender, John Tripp’s poetry was always engaged with the issues which most mattered to him. In the ’seventies it was Welsh nationalism and the possibilities raised by the devolution vote in 1979. Following defeat in that referendum Tripp was increasingly moved by the economic and social dereliction of the early ’eighties.

Selected Poems draws on all John Tripp’s books, together with work published since the last of those collections, Passing Through (1984), and previously unpublished poems. It is edited by his friend and fellow poet, John Ormond.

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