Eric Ngalle Charles
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Monday, April 11, 2022
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In Homelands, his debut collection, Eric Ngalle Charles draws on his early life raised by the matriarchs of Cameroon, being sent to Moscow by human traffickers, and finding a new home in Wales. Rich in tone, subject and emotion, Charles’ poetry moves between the present and the past, between Africa and Europe, and between despair and hope. It discovers that historical injustices now play out in new forms, and that family tensions are as strong as the love within a family. Despite the difficulties Charles has faced, Homelands contains poems of fondness, warmth and humour and, as he returns to Cameroon to confront old ghosts, forgiveness. 

“Eric has indeed sung the world alive and these poems bear witness to many lives being lived.” – Menna Elfyn


Eric Ngalle Charles reads ‘The Grey Book’


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