Robert Minhinnick
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Monday, May 23, 2022
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Recipient of Hay Festival Medal for Poetry.

Robert will discussing Delirium at Hay Festival 2022 alongside Gillian Clarke on the 4th June. Find more details here.

This collection of short prose begins with a real 1945 diary kept in Burma, and Minhinnick telling stories to his mother in her care home.

It includes a series of pictures of war-stricken Baghdad, and vignettes about place and travel, dedicated to Jan Morris.

On the way we encounter a Middle East island devoted to sustainability, close ups of what clearing a family house reveals, and the writer’s intimately imagined Welsh sand dunes.

Minhinnick also watches the Stereophonics in Sydney, mourns the Golan Heights and meets a family of destitute Bedouins.

Throughout we encounter the Covid pandemic, threats of extinction, and images of post-apocalyptic life.

A breathless epic…

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