Certain Welsh Artists

Iwan Bala
Publication Date: 
Sunday, August 29, 1999
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Certain Welsh Artists explores custodial aesthetics, in which artists of all forms consciously or subconsciously become guardians of their culture, particularly of cultures under pressure from more dominant ones, be they close neighbours or transmitted through electronic media. Wales has been referred to as a ’colonial culture’; along with Celtic neighbours Ireland and Scotland, it is extremely aware of external pressures on its identity, and the need to respond in a ’Welsh’ (rather than non-English) way. As devolution changes the face of the United Kingdom, the need for an organic, evolving national identity becomes even more pressing. Certain Welsh Artists surveys the work of visual artists in this context. Its subjects include conceptual artists using a variety of materials and forms to express the significant difference of their backgrounds. Others address existing artistic subjects, symbols and clichés from a new perspective. Combining personal statements from artists with critically acute essays on the links between art and identity, this book documents a new, culturally-confident Wales. Artists reviewed in this book include Bethan Huws, Tim Davies, Ivor Davies, Lois Williams, Catrin Williams, John Meirion Morris, Glyn Jones, Peter Finnemore and the Beca Group.


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