• The Dossier by Michael O’Brien is a shocking resumé of fifteen miscarriages of justice in south Wales between 1982 and 2016. After being falsely imprisoned for murder, O’Brien was driven to discover more about the many notorious and dubious convictions made in south Wales over a period of thirty years. This is the shocking result of his research. He calls for an independent judicial enquiry into these cases. Available now.

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  • In this new addition to the Seren Real Series, author and musician Rhys Mwyn explores the vast county of Gwynedd in mainland northwest Wales. In 2021, the Gwnyedd slate landscape was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. Illustrated by offbeat photographs, and drawing on Mwyn's Welsh language culture, Real Gwynedd is an entertaining and informative exploration of this often mysterious, mountainous country. Available now.

    Rhys Mwyn uncovers the Real Gwynedd
  • Owen and Tom Morgan take the nation’s tastebuds on an unforgettable Spanish getaway. Packed with over one hundred beautifully photographed, out of this world recipes Bar 44 Tapas y Copas has everything you need to bring a taste of Spain to your very own kitchen. Available now.

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The Dawes Decades, John Dawes
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<p>Across the world the Welsh team of the late sixties and early seventies is fondly remembered for its mix of steely ball-winning and flamboyant try-scoring. The architect of their success was one of the game&rsquo;s outstanding thinkers: centre John Dawes.<br /><br />Working with Dawes, David Parry-Jones has produced an...
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