• The highly anticipated second collection by Kim Moore
  • Drawing on a long tradition of storytelling Hammad Rind’s debut novel Four Dervishes skewers issues like religious bigotry, injustice, the denial of women’s rights, and class division in a lavishly inventive, verbally rich, exotic confection, that is both darkly thematic and humorously playful. Available now

    “Easily the most remarkable work of fiction to come out of Wales in a thousand moons.” – Jon Gower

    Hammad Rind’s remarkable debut is a must-read
  • Alison Binney wins Mslexia Poetry Pamphlet Competition 2020
  • Robert Seatter takes us on a personal and poetic trail of Sir John Soane’s Museum, capturing the tragic story of the man who created it and the eclectic collection he gathered within its walls. Pre-order now

    “The poems move lightly, not just from room to room, but between the chambers of the heart... to doors that might let in the rivers of the world.” – Imtiaz Dharker

    Discover ‘The House of Everything’
  • Oxford, city of dreaming spires, bicycles, Inspector Morse, tourists, gentility. Or perhaps a less familiar place? Having lived and worked there for thirty years, Patrick McGuinness brings an intimate knowledge to this new exploration of the city. He reflects on the familiar and introduces us to the unnoticed, to create a new way of looking at Oxford. Available now.

    Patrick McGuinness explores ‘Real Oxford’
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Valerie Coffin Price
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<p><em>To turn, to dig, to plough, to upset, to translate&hellip; Bend, lap, journey, time...&nbsp;</em>The Welsh word&nbsp;<em>troeon</em>&nbsp;unfolds meaning after meaning. In&nbsp;<em>TROEON : TURNINGS</em>, two poets confident in their own traditions meet in the hinterland between...
Claire Williamson
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<p><br /><strong>&lsquo;At once heartbreaking and comfortingly human, with the skill to make your spirits soar.&rsquo; &ndash; <em>SkyLightRain</em></strong></p><p><strong>&lsquo;Claire Williamson&#39;s poems are beguiling hybrids &ndash;&nbsp;self-assured yet...