• When Nula's Suchet's husband James was struck by Pick's disease, her life began a terrible downward spiral and she was widowed. Yes she wasn't alone. After John Suchet's wife, Bonnie, also dies from dementia, they begin a journey to re-embrace life. The Longest Farewell tells the heartbreaking story of dealing with dementia and of unexpectedly finding a happy ending. Available now

    A Heartbreaking True Story of Dementia
  • John Osmond calls Preseli - west and north Pembrokeshire - magical country. It is a landscape of bare hills, big skies and a dramatic coastline of bays and headlands. In Real Preseli, John Osmond's narrative mixture of history, memoir and personal knowledge, brings Preseli past and present alive in a thoroughly enjoyable and informative book. Available now

    Preseli Like You've Never Seen It Before
  • Exploring his Jewish family, youthful rebellion and his 'other' family, Iris Murdoch and her husband John Bayley, Peter J. Conradi's multi-stranded memoir is a must-read this summer. Available now.  

    A Must-have Summer Read
Robert Minhinnick
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<p>Industrial smoke turns the noon sky black. Beneath its clouds the poorest people in Europe arrange flowers on a dictator&rsquo;s grave. On Avienda de las Pulgas an Oldsmobile slows down for a better view. Emerging from a lemon grove is the last pedestrian in California. At a nuclear plant the only sound is the sighing of photocopiers...
Beyond the Pampas, Imogen Rhia Herrad
Imogen Rhia Herrad
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<p>Much in this book, particularly in the second half, absorbed and fascinated me. By the end I felt like I had discovered the indigenous roots of Patagonia along with Herrad.<em> <strong>&ndash; New Welsh Review</strong><br /><br />Beyond the Pampas</em> is an entrancing and highly unusual account of...
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