• Robert Seatter takes us on a personal and poetic trail of Sir John Soane’s Museum, capturing the tragic story of the man who created it and the eclectic collection he gathered within its walls. Pre-order now

    “The poems move lightly, not just from room to room, but between the chambers of the heart... to doors that might let in the rivers of the world.” – Imtiaz Dharker

    Discover ‘The House of Everything’
  • Our climate is on the brink of catastrophic change. By inviting us to fine-tune our senses and listen to the world around us, landmark anthology 100 Poems to Save the Earth, edited by Zoë Brigley and Kristian Evans, is a call to action to fight the threat facing the only planet we have. Available now

    Poetry to save the Earth
  • Benjamin Zephaniah’s Desert Island Poems
  • Two poets confident in their own traditions meet in the hinterland between translation and collaboration - Cyril Jones from the disciplines of Welsh cynghanedd, Philip Gross from the restless variety of English verse. Their poems meet in this beautifully illustrated volume with letterpress designs by Valerie Coffin Price. Pre-order now

    Troeon : Turnings
  • Published simultaneously, you can buy both of Christopher Meredith's​ new books together for just £15.00 in our two book deal. Lively and thought-provoking, Christopher Meredith’s poetry collection Still uses traditional and innovative forms to artfully assay the many meanings of the word. Meanwhile, in his tragicomic short novel Please, language geek Vernon struggles to write the story of his strange marriage. Buy now

    A unique double - two books by Christopher Meredith for £15
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Steve Griffiths
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<p>Steve Griffith&rsquo;s long-awaited third collection of poems Uncontrollable Fields is a sensitive look at the contemporary world, the legacy of politics, history, love, chance. Ranging across Wales, England and Spain, from Owain Glyndwr to cruise missiles at USAF bases, these poems probe and plot our society today. Grffiths also...
Understudies, Anne Marie Fyfe
Anne-Marie Fyfe
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<p>Anne-Marie Fyfe - as is apparent in her <em>Understudies: New and Selected Poems</em> - is a subtle and engaging poet. She has developed much like a painter, spare themes moving towards a deeper complexity. Her earlier work includes quite a few domestic interiors; rooms recalled from an Irish childhood and stories told by...
Peter Finch
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<p><strong>Peter Finch is reading at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff on March 3rd 7.30pm Media Point Room</strong><strong> &pound;2</strong></p><p>Peter Finch&rsquo;s collection, <em>Useful</em>, is marked by all the restless energy, humour and angst that is so characteristic of this...