• Lucy Gannon Shortlisted for Wales Book of the Year 2021
  • Oxford, city of dreaming spires, bicycles, Inspector Morse, tourists, gentility. Or perhaps a less familiar place? Having lived and worked there for thirty years, Patrick McGuinness brings an intimate knowledge to this new exploration of the city. He reflects on the familiar and introduces us to the unnoticed, to create a new way of looking at Oxford. Available now.

    Patrick McGuinness explores ‘Real Oxford’
  • Just You and the Page opens in 1971, with the dramatist Michael Wall hammering out his plays on a portable typewriter. It concludes in 2020, when the novelist and academic Josie Barnard is teaching students to compose novels on Instagram. Award-winning novelist, Sue Gee interviews twelve distinctively different writers, all old friends, looking at what has shaped them: at struggle, inspiration and dedication to their art. Pre-order now.

    Just You and the Page: Encounters with Twelve Writers
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Daryl Leeworthy
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<p>Published to celebrate Elaine Morgan&rsquo;s centenary, this informative biography restores Morgan&rsquo;s reputation and establishes her significant place in writing from Wales. It outlines her early days living only just above the poverty line in the Rhondda in a Labour/Communist steeped family, before reading English Literature...
The Taliesin Tradition, Emyr Humphreys
Emyr Humphreys
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<p>In &rsquo;The Taliesin Tradition&rsquo; Emyr Humphreys shows how literature in Wales has reshaped and reasserted Welsh identity in the face of English cultural imperialism. Figures such as Taliesin, a sixth century poet, Myrddin (Merlin), the bards of medieval princes, Dr John Dee, Iolo Morganwg, Mabon, Lloyd George, Saunders...
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