• Fargo Hawkins dropped out of school. Now he's a gardener for Harry Swaine. After witnessing a fight between Harry and Anne (his wife) Fargo steals a car and together he, Anne and a dog called Radar go on the run. They have £9,653, a bag of apples, a penknife and three bottles of wine. An incandescent Harry, a firm of private detectives and their emotions chase them across the country. But as they head west in pursuit of happiness, what lies at the end of their journey? Available now.

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  • 1994, Iris and Victoria are pen friends. Iris writes about her life with her family in Paris. Victoria is in a refugee camp in Goma having fled the genocide in Rwanda in which thousands are being killed. One day Victoria’s letters stop, and Iris is told she has been moved. Twenty years later, how have the lives of these two women who shared a moment in time changed? As the pressure of long-kept family secrets builds, will they ever find each other? Available now.

    The ‘startling’ debut novel by Sophie Buchaillard
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