• A unique double from Christopher Meredith
  • A city burns in a crisis − because the status quo has collapsed and change must come. Every value, relationship and belief is shaken and the future is uncertain. In the twenty-six stories in Angela Graham's debut A City Burning, children and adults face, in the flames of personal tragedy, moments of potential transformation. On the threshold of their futures each must make a choice: how to live in this new ‘now’. Available now.

    A City Burning
  • London is a long way from Orkney, and Ed is a long way from Claire, but in this compelling novel from award-winning author Peter Benson, the two discover that in Stromness, anything is possible. Publishing 26 October. Pre-order now.

    In Stromness, anything is possible
  • ‘Miriam, Daniel and Me’
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Helen Blackhurst
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<p><strong>&lsquo;Blackhurst&rsquo;s prose is so vivid that the reader can almost taste the dust and feel the unrelenting heat&rsquo; &ndash; Books Ireland</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Set in a small fictional mining town in south-west Australia, Monica Harvey, a twelve-year-old English...
The Prince's Pen, Horatio Clare
Horatio Clare
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<p><em>&quot;...an epic tale of conflict, faith and banishment...this reworked tale provides a graphic depict</em><em>ion of the cruelty of war and torture&quot; </em><strong>The Guardian 2011</strong></p><p>The Invaders&#39; drones hear everything and see all. England is now a...