• Angela Graham makes Edge Hill Prize longlist
  • In Jayne Joso's spellbinding new collection of stories and short fiction Japan Stories we meet a cast of characters – a sinister museum curator, a son caring for his dementia-struck father, a widow in the far north reflecting on her provincial life, a young woman who returns to haunt her killer. Together, these compelling narratives become a mosaic of life in contemporary Japan, its people, its society, its thinking, its character. Available now

    A window to a country we long to know
  • Faced with two murders, industrial espionage, a sexual predator, a mining disaster, Thomas Chard must puzzle how these things fit together to capture a mysterious killer, and avoid becoming the poisoner’s victim himself. Authentic and atmospheric, Fatal Solution is the gripping second installment in the Inspector Chard mysteries by Leslie Scase. Available now.

    Inspector Chard faces a new mystery
  • Published simultaneously, you can buy both of Christopher Meredith's​ new books together for just £15.00 in our two book deal. Lively and thought-provoking, Christopher Meredith’s poetry collection Still uses traditional and innovative forms to artfully assay the many meanings of the word. Meanwhile, in his tragicomic short novel Please, language geek Vernon struggles to write the story of his strange marriage. Buy now

    A unique double - two books by Christopher Meredith for £15
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<p><br />Most of the stories are set in Gwyn Thomas&rsquo;s native South Wales Valleys during the Depression of the 1920s and 30s. The conditions then - massive unemployment, poverty, emigration, loss of self-esteem - are the basis of Thomas&rsquo;s art. The result is not a grey or embittered writing; a highly developed sense...
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