• Drawing on a long tradition of storytelling Hammad Rind’s debut novel Four Dervishes skewers issues like religious bigotry, injustice, the denial of women’s rights, and class division in a lavishly inventive, verbally rich, exotic confection, that is both darkly thematic and humorously playful. Pre-order now

    “Easily the most remarkable work of fiction to come out of Wales in a thousand moons.” – Jon Gower

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  • ‘Intriguing and compelling’
  • Faced with two murders, industrial espionage, a sexual predator, a mining disaster, Thomas Chard must puzzle how these things fit together to capture a mysterious killer, and avoid becoming the poisoner’s victim himself. Authentic and atmospheric, Fatal Solution is the gripping second installment in the Inspector Chard mysteries by Leslie Scase. Available now.

    Inspector Chard faces a new mystery
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<p><br />Most of the stories are set in Gwyn Thomas&rsquo;s native South Wales Valleys during the Depression of the 1920s and 30s. The conditions then - massive unemployment, poverty, emigration, loss of self-esteem - are the basis of Thomas&rsquo;s art. The result is not a grey or embittered writing; a highly developed sense...
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