• Seren Discoveries

    Seren Discoveries is a series of translated literature which introduces the reader in English to leading authors often writing in ‘minority’ languages or from ‘peripheral’ cultures. It includes works from Albanian, Basque, Welsh, Québécois, Danish and Czech languages, and from Francophone Haiti and Luxembourg.  Future translations are planned from Chinese, Greek and French.

    Seren Discoveries
pestilence, william owen roberts
William Owen Roberts
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<p>From the elegance and refinement of Cairo&rsquo;s Madrasa Academy sets out Salah Ibn al Khatib, whose mission is to avenge his wronged family by killing the King of France. In a bizarre and exotic journey the luckless Salah encounters whores and rogues, popes and priests, bishops, kings and queens. As he penetrates the dark and...
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