• Delirium is the new collection of short prose by award-winning author Robert Minhinnick. In classic Minhinnick style, it opens with his father’s diary kept in Burma during World War II, and the author telling stories to his mother in her care home. Characteristically broad ranging in thought and style, with a poet’s eye for the telling image and ear for the lyrical, Delirium is a kaleidoscopic book which provokes and intrigues. Available now.

    Robert Minhinnick’s new prose collection is a breathless epic
  • John Downing’s remarkable account of life through the fleet street lens
  • Discover Hay-on-Wye as you’ve never seen it before. In this latest addition to the Seren Real Series, poet Kate Noakes writes an affectionate portrait of a place famed for its bookshops and Festival and discovers that this border town is not as familiar as we might think. Available now


    Discover new ways of looking at the famous town of books
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Wales at War
Tony Curtis
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<p>Great literature and art have been an unintended consequence of war. The writings and images of those caught up in conflict or reflecting on its experience are embedded in our national consciousness. Wales has played its part in British battles over the past century, and in <em>Wales at War</em> its finest critics consider how...
Wales on Screen, Steve Blandford
Steve Blandford
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<p>How has Wales been portrayed in the cinema and on TV? How does it portray itself? Is it possible to forge a distinctive film industry in the shadow of UK/US cultural domination? This book surveys the celluloid depiction of <em>Wales from How Green</em> <em>Was My Valley</em> to <em>Twin Town</em>, and...