• The first lockdown in Wales was one of the most significant events in recent Welsh history. Will Hayward records some of the personal hardships and difficulties suffered by Welsh people. He also explores the positive ways people responded to their situation, and how the Welsh government managed the crisis. Available now

    Lockdown Wales - available now
  • The Amazingly Astonishing Story
  • Daryl Leeworthy's brand new biography celebrates the achievements of this pioneering television writer, evolutionary anthropologist and political activist, reestablishing her position as a significant figure in the canon of English language writing from Wales. Available now

    Celebrating Elaine Morgan’s Centenary
  • Discover mid-Wales through new eyes
  • This award-winning study by Colin Hughes is a wonderful evocation of Italian immigration in south Wales from the turn of the century to the postwar years, when the Italian café was central to life in many small communities in the Valleys. With foreword by Welsh-Italian actor Victor Spinetti, Lime, Lemon & Sarsaparilla is a revealing history of our recent past. Available now.

    “A splendid and sensitively-written account..." – Hywel Francis

    New reprint of ‘Lime, Lemon and Sarsaparilla’
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laughter from the dark
Michael Parnell
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<p>Novelist, playwright, broadcaster, raconteur: by the time of his early death in 1981, Gwyn Thomas was widely admired as all these things, in addition to being a much-Ioved columnist in <em>Punch</em>. Once described as &rsquo;the greatest talker in the world&rsquo; he was the veteran entertainer of The Brains Trust and...
Jasmine Donahaye
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<p><strong>Wales Book of the Year Non-Fiction Winner, English Language Category 2016</strong></p><p>In 2007, in a chance conversation with her mother, a kibbutznik, Jasmine Donahaye stumbled upon the collusion of her family in the displacement of Palestinians in 1948. She set out to learn the story of what happened,...
W.H. Davies, Lawrence Normand
Lawrence Normand
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<p>The story of W.H. Davies is one of the most remarkable in twentieth century letters. Born in lowly circumstances in Newport, he moved to America where he lived as a hobo - a life he recorded in &rsquo;Autobiography of a Supertramp&rsquo;. During this period he lost a leg falling from a train and, manual work denied to him, Davies...