• Owen and Tom Morgan take the nation’s tastebuds on an unforgettable Spanish getaway. Packed with over one hundred beautifully photographed, out of this world recipes Bar 44 Tapas y Copas has everything you need to bring a taste of Spain to your very own kitchen. Available now.

    “A great go-to recipe book.” – Matt Tebbutt, Saturday Kitchen

    The must-have Spanish cook book of the year
  • Michael O’Brien was notoriously falsely imprisoned for the murder of a Cardiff newsagent in 1988. He was driven to discover more about the many other notorious and dubious convictions made in south Wales over a period of thirty years, and The Dossier is the shocking result of his research. He calls for an independent judicial inquiry into the cases he examines. Publishing this September. Pre-order now.

    A shocking examination of miscarriages of justice in South Wales
  • Oxford, city of dreaming spires, bicycles, Inspector Morse, tourists, gentility. Or perhaps a less familiar place? Having lived and worked there for thirty years, Patrick McGuinness brings an intimate knowledge to this new exploration of the city. He reflects on the familiar and introduces us to the unnoticed, to create a new way of looking at Oxford. Available now.

    Patrick McGuinness explores ‘Real Oxford’
  • Just You and the Page opens in 1971, with the dramatist Michael Wall hammering out his plays on a portable typewriter. It concludes in 2020, when the novelist and academic Josie Barnard is teaching students to compose novels on Instagram. Award-winning novelist, Sue Gee interviews twelve distinctively different writers, all old friends, looking at what has shaped them: at struggle, inspiration and dedication to their art. Pre-order now.

    Just You and the Page: Encounters with Twelve Writers
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John Harris
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<p>Caradoc Evans (1878-1945) was a controversial author, most famous for his stories in <a href="https://www.serenbooks.com/productdisplay/my-people"><em>My People</em></a>, copies of which were publicly burned in Cardiff. Stylistically inventive, the stories unflinchingly (and unflatteringly) criticised...
clough williams ellis
Jonah Jones
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<p>The architect Clough Williams-Ellis (1883-1978) is probably best known as the creator of Portmeirion, the Italianate village known as &rsquo;the Xanadu of Wales&rsquo; and the setting of the cult television series, <em>The Prisoner</em>. As Portmeirion attests, Williams-Ellis was an architect with an eye for space,...
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Margiad Evans
Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan
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<p>Novelist, essayist, poet and writer of short stories, Margiad Evans (1909-1958) was one of the most remarkable women writers of the mid-twentieth century. Having published three novels, two autobiographical works and two volumes of poetry during her life, her relatively slim output belies considerable achievement in the face of...