• Sammy Weaver wins Mslexia Poetry Pamphlet Prize
  • Renowned poet Hilary Llewellyn-Williams returns to poetry with The Little Hours: New and Selected Poetry. Bringing together acclaimed work from her earliest collections such as The Tree Calendar, and brand new poems, this volume shows the breadth and talent of a writer whose eye for vivid imagery and startling detail has always astounded readers. Available now.


    Astounding new poetry by Hilary Llewelyn-Williams
  • Peter Finch’s remarkable career spans over fifty years. He has been taking poetry to places it didn’t know it wanted to go from the beginning; blending the avant-garde, concrete, visual, sound, performance and more conventional forms to create something unique. His two-volume Collected Poems cement his reputation as one of Britain’s leading poets. Buy as a set for £30.00. Available now.

    Peter Finch – 50 years at the cutting edge
  • Sanctuary is  – urgent.  The pandemic has made people crave it; political crises are denying it to millions; the earth is no longer our haven. Even our minds & bodies are not refuges we can rely on.  Angela Graham & five other poets from Wales & Northern Ireland explore Sanctuary from the inside, asking how we can save the earth, ourselves and others? Available now.

    Sanctuary: There Must Be Somewhere
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Land of Poets Edited by Eurig Sailsbury with shortlisted poems from Wales Young Poets Award 2020
Ed. Eurig Salisbury
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<p><em>Land of Poets</em> is the first&nbsp;Wales Young Poets Award Anthology, a compilation of shortlisted and winning poems in both English and Welsh from the 2020 award. Selected and edited by judge Eurig Salisbury &ndash;&nbsp;Bardd Plant Cymru/Welsh Children&rsquo;s Laureate 2011-13 and Welsh-language editor...
love from Wales
Tony Curtis
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<p>&#39;Who made an ache under my rib?&#39; asks the poet on the first page of <em>Love from Wales</em>, and just what makes the Welsh a passionate race? This selection of poetry and prose on the theme of love by Welsh poet Tony Curtis and novelist Sian James offers some lively answers.<br /><br /><em>...
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