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The Woman at the Window

Emyr Humphreys
Publication Date: 
Sunday, March 15, 2009
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Emyr Humphreys is a major figure in twentieth-century writing and The Woman at the Window is an immensely enjoyable and impressive addition to his outstanding list of award-winning novels and short stories.

From the widow alone in the rectory drawing room to views across the sunny expanses of post-war Europe, celebrated writer Emyr Humphreys offers this urbane, mature collection.


His protagonists look back over the patterns of their lives and forward too, for the chance to untangle family relationships, rekindle lost loves, or find a home for themselves in familiar yet fresh surroundings.


‘A Welsh writer of European stature, Emyr Humphreys is at the height of his powers. Like Sandor Marai, he is a lord of irony, whose wry, sage wit and eagle eyesight capture a panorama of the twentieth century, with its fratricidal wars and struggling ideals, in a richly epigrammatic English. And on the human level, this volume speaks, through its cast of fascinating characters, intimately to the reader’s heart.’ Stevie Davies.

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