The Witch Bag

Sarah Corbett
Publication Date: 
Wednesday, June 19, 2002
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"Poetry as white-knuckle ride" is how Poetry Wales described Sarah Corbett’s debut, The Red Wardrobe. Her eagerly-awaited second collection, The Witch Bag, is as powerful as its predecessor, and is sure to cement Corbett’s reputation as one of the rising stars of British poetry. The title poem evokes a spellbinder who is both "weightless, thin as pond moss" and "blacker than the pond’s belly." ’The Kitchen God’ is a series of erotic love sonnets; ’My Son the Horse’ is part of an astonishing group of poems about the birth of a son; ’Czech Pieces’ records vivid impressions of Eastern Europe; the final section focuses on the death of a father. This poet, in sensuous and evocative language, conjures intimate worlds; her subjects are often fearlessly personal: birth, death, and love in all its manifestations.

"Sarah Corbett is embarking on a courageous journey, a journey into the otherworlds of the weird." - Poetry Review.

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