Peter Finch
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Thursday, May 15, 1997
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Peter Finch is reading at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff on March 3rd 7.30pm Media Point Room £2

Peter Finch’s collection, Useful, is marked by all the restless energy, humour and angst that is so characteristic of this compulsively entertaining poet. Among the varied subjects to come under the poet’s subversive scrutiny are Modern Art, the Blues, computers, automobiles, ex-wives, recalcitrant children, aged parents, bleak Welsh landscapes, factory workers, writing classes, old shirts and beach stones. His continuing fascination with technique is highlighted in the second half of the collection which includes a short section of visual pieces as well as the elaborate code of ’One of Our Presidents: Six Variations for Tony Conran.’ Also here are poems written for particular performances or directly inspired by works of art. A tireless innovator, an astute and frequently very funny observer of culture and society, Peter Finch will win yet more readers over with Useful.

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