Andre Stitt (Ed.)
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Thursday, April 6, 2006
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André Stitt is one of the foremost practitioners of performance art in the UK. His gallery in Cardiff, Trace, hosts a regular programme focussing on contemporary fine art performance, video, installation and interactive, interdisciplinary activity. In the first five years of its existence, the gallery produced 40 installations/ performances and presented 36 artists in external projects and exchanges (80 artists in total). In addition to being a space itself, Trace is also an initiator of projects in other locations and with artists’ organisations which are, as yet, not as developed in the field.

This book documents the first five years of the Trace programme (which features an artist every month) and contextualises it in the wider practice of time based art, a growing artform which is concerned with human, rather than community politics. In addition to placing Trace firmly in this field, the book fills a gap, in that there are no publications about time based art in Wales, and very little generally (as opposed to ‘catalogues’ about individual artists).

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