The Sun in the West

Jean Earle
Publication Date: 
Friday, September 1, 1995
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Incidents from childhood, history, family life, the television news - these are the varied sources of inspiration in this new collection by Jean Earle. The poems are profound without being obscure; easy to read, yet working on many levels. Often written from the perspective of old age, there is a feeling of resonance, of other lives observed with a keen concern, and of wisdom worn lightly. Included are several wonderful love poems: from a lover disgruntled at not being able to see her spouse’s ’aura’; to the affectionate memories of the elderly couple in ’gran and gramps at the fireworks’. The landscapes of Wales are also observed with a loving eye as in ’Lament for a Favourite Beach’, and ’Llansteffan Shore’. Adept at ’adopting’ characters, Jean Earle moves freely between childhood ghost, homeless youngster, mediaeval bard, and toddling child.

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