The Stromness Dinner

Peter Benson
Publication Date: 
Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Ed Beech is one half of Beech Building Services. He’s based in Bermondsey but no job’s too small, no distance too great. So when he’s asked to do some work on a house in Orkney, he loads the van with paint, tools and sandwiches, and takes off. He gets nervous around farm animals and large ships, and he’s never been so far north, but when he’s joined by Claire, his client’s city banker sister, he discovers that in Stromness, anything is possible.

Peter Benson’s compelling new novel continues his exploration of unlikely relationships, and paints a vivid picture of a place where all is not what it seems, but might be.

“What’s on the menu at The Stromness Dinner? Small plates, big flavours. Peter Benson has the miniaturist’s eye for the tiny details that bring grand themes alive: the love of food, the love of island life, and a love of love itself. His novel is humorous, humane and horrible good (as we say in Stromness.)” – Duncan McLean

“Benson’s snappy novel rattles along with irresistible pace and panache... his story will captivate and entertain and the happy ending is a great treat during the current pandemic nightmare.” – Val Hennessy

Praise for Peter Benson:

“Defiantly realistic at times, luridly surreal at others, his writing’s ability to compound striking metaphors of the abstract with a graphic physicality has won him a deserved following.” Times Literary Supplement.

“Beautiful writing and thoughtful language… page after page of stunning prose.” Time Out.

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