Slipping Away from Milford

Robert Watson
Publication Date: 
Wednesday, March 12, 1997
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At the end of the Fifties the quiet fishing town of Milford Haven faces the future as plans for an oil refinery are announced. Traditional values are challenged when big city corruption arrives in the shape of a dead man and a briefcase full of money. The comfortable life of trawlerman John Eakins and his family is plunged into chaos as Eakins travels to London with the money.

Meanwhile a threatening pair of heavies arrive in Milford to recover the cash. While his wife and son are pursued across Wales by the gangsters, Eakins finds that nothing is as it seems in London.

In a resolution none of them could have imagined, their old values and identities slip away in the same way that Milford is itself about to be transformed. Nothing will be the same again.

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