Sidereal Time

Christopher Meredith
Publication Date: 
Friday, November 13, 1998
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Clint and Dustin are coconuts, 10L have turned into three-toed sloths, Gron is becoming Zero Mostel, the lower sixth is an airliner of people about to fall out of the sky, and you, you’ve turned into a three-eyed Martian who speaks a nounless language and has forgotted to pay the child minder. But what’s all this got to do with sixteenth century Ermland?

It’s an ordinary week in post-industrial south Wales, and alienated desperation is as much fun as it’s ever been. Sidereal Time, starting with the experiences of Sarah, a school teacher feeling the first intimations of middle age, explores the cussed paradox of the way life can be predictable and yet not follow any script you’ve prepared.

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