The Shakespeare Factory (Three Plays)

Dic Edwards
Publication Date: 
Friday, July 24, 1998
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New Plays for Young People: The Shakespeare Factory must produce five-minute video versions of Shakespeare’s plays. Will factory manager Gillian Brutus get the videos to the Government Officer on time? Shop Steward Jack Cash puts up a fight, and the actors are unruly and rebellious. Jack’s idea that a party in the woods at night will help inspire cast and crew soon results in strange escapades and romantic entanglements. This imaginative play is an entertaining introduction to Shakespeare.

’Moon River: The Deal’ is the story of Bryn Morgan, who runs away from his valleys home and meets Charley, another runaway, down by the river. Bryn enjoys hearing about Charley’s adventures and relishes the stories that Charley reads him from Huckleberry Finn. The two become friends and are about to embark upon a journey down the river when fate intervenes. This play touchingly highlights children’s right to help determine their own lives.

’David’, takes the Biblical tale of David and Goliath and sets it in modern Wales. Gol is an abused child and a bully. David is the victim of his taunts. Leah is David’s girlfriend, also liked by Gol. With the help of Leah and his wise friend Elijah, David helps Gol face his background and imagine a new future. This play artfully raises the issues surrounding bullying and offers options for change.

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