The Seasonal Vegan

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Friday, July 10, 2020
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“Sarah shows you how to eat a healthy, delicious and seasonal diet, in an easy and affordable way... The Seasonal Vegan is now my bible for all things seasonal eating, and I’m so happy to have it on my kitchen shelf!” – Everything’s Peachy

The Seasonal Vegan is a kitchen diary of seasonal recipes with a delicious mixture of fine food writing and beautiful photography. This guide to eating with the seasons takes a realistic approach to shopping cheaply and sustainably and proves that the vegan lifestyle is anything but expensive.

It debunks the myth that eating seasonally is solely for the middle classes. Eating locally grown produce can be less harmful for the environment, tastes better, and usually costs less, too. It also supports British producers – and therefore, the local economy – and because it’s fresher, it tends to be more nutritious. As well as tasting good, these dishes look beautiful and the book will feature photography by Manon Houston who provided the images for The Occasional Vegan.

Philpott tells us how and when to find the right food, for environmental reasons and nutrition values. The Seasonal Vegan features recipes for all seasons, with a section featuring dishes that can be enjoyed all year round, and menu ideas for special occasions. There are 70 recipes, each of which includes a diary entry.


Spring: Welsh Rarebit

Celebrate the start of Spring with this tasty recipe for vegan Welsh Rarebit from The Seasonal Vegan. Find many more seasonal recipes in the book. 


Winter: Beetroot & Hazelnut Soup

When its cold outside, nothing can warm you up better than a delicious bowl of soup. Sarah's recipe for Beetroot & Hazelnut Soup is sure to do just that with its fiery chilli kick and earthy flavour. The winter section of The Seasonal Vegan is full of comforting recipes just like this one to get you through the colder months. 


Autumn: Pulled Mushroom Sandwich

As the nights draw in and the leaves turn yellow, we can’t think of anything more comforting than this Pulled Mushroom Sandwich with indulgent Sage Aioli from The Seasonal Vegan. Find this and many more delicious autumn recipes in the book. 

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