The Scam

Peter Lloyd
Publication Date: 
Thursday, April 11, 1996
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Sharp-edged, tough and funny, The Scam is Peter Lloyd’s play about two young Welshmen out to hit the business big time. Keen to escape their dead-end lives on a housing estate, AI and Oar make do picking apples until a chance meeting with the quick-talking Finn sets a wholesale scheme in motion that could net them all thousands. AI, all optimism, cajoles retailers and troubled grower Nick, while Oar, who remains suspicious, sets about the back-breaking deliveries. Are the lads on the brink of riches or will their plans and dreams unravel? ’The Scam’  is a ruthless expose of the ’feel good factor’ that fuelled the boom of the eighties. It reveals the lighter and darker sides of friendship, class, macho attitudes and professional greed.

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