Return / Yn Ôl

Rhodri Jones
Publication Date: 
Monday, May 8, 2006
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Born in Gwynedd, his father Welsh, his mother from Luxembourg, Rhodri Jones grew up speaking Welsh, English and German. For the past two decades he has travelled widely in Central America, Europe, Africa and the Far East, building up an astounding photographic portfolio with images ranging from the mountains of Albania to the cities and deserts of China. Now based in Italy, he has turned his attention – and his lens – to his country of origin.

In a series of arresting images, he captures a society undergoing rapid and massive changes. Both native and outsider, Jones has a unique perspective and a freshness of vision which make his work both compelling and illuminating.

Return/Yn Ôl is a bilingual publication, in English and Welsh, with a Foreword by Gwyneth Lewis, National Poet of Wales.

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