Real Cardiff: The Flourishing City

Peter Finch
Publication Date: 
Tuesday, May 1, 2018
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Discover more of Cardiff in this latest volume by Peter Finch, Real Cardiff – The Flourishing City. In it the Cardiffian continues his vigorous exploration of the obvious and hidden vistas of the city, discovering new treasures and revisiting past haunts to find them drastically altered over just ten years. The pace of change has never been quicker, surpassing the booms of the city’s nineteenth century heyday, and the clearances and redevelopment of the 1960s and 1970s.

Real Cardiff: The Flourishing City is a characteristically eclectic mix. Finch walks through the city and through his memories, locating the odd and the outlandish and measuring them against the everyday. Here are the last days of Dic Penderyn, a litany of rock and roll on Queen Street, the battle for the Vulcan pub, the lost mansions of the east, the culinary odyssey of City Road, Roald Dahl in Radyr, the Lido at Llandaff, the Coast Path, and a journey round the city’s mosques, among many another strolls and diversions.

Jan Morris called Real Cardiff  “one of the very best books about a city I have ever read”, and in this latest book Peter Finch has captured the essence of Cardiff again. This is vintage Finch, rolling with the city in the way that makes him its most acute – and funniest – commentator.



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