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Radio Scriptwriting

Sam Boardman-Jacobs, Editor
Publication Date: 
Tuesday, June 29, 2004
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Radio has given all of us some great moments of drama, moments so engaging that we have escaped from our own world into another, and forgotten, too, that the broadcast world is underlain by finely-tuned writing. ’Radio Scriptwriting’ reminds us of the skills, the issues, the invention, the teamwork and the individual brilliance required to produce a memorable broadcast. From individual plays, short and long, through adaptations of novels, to series like The Archers, these essays take the reader behind the scenes and reveal the mechanics of producing the finished script from which the production team can make good radio.

The distinguished contributors write from the viewpoint of either writer or producer - allowing the reader to make some interesting comparisons - to give their strongly-held and passionately-argued views on what makes a good radio script.

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