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Current Issue: Poetry Wales 57.3 Spring 2022

Edited by  Zoë Brigley

Contributing editor Hannah Hodgson



  • Jenny Mithell: How Being a Girl Poet Saved My Life
  • Graham Hartil and Phil Maillard on the Legacy of Chris Torrance
  • Kim Moore on Poetry and Intimate Partner Violence
  • Felicia Rose Chavez: Writing Workshop Facing Our Fear



  • Shalini Sengupta reviews Polly Atkin, Jeremy Dixon, Golnoosh Noir, and Daniel Sluman
  • Maggie Wang reviews Khairani Barokka, Marianne Boruch, Shara McCallum, and Penelope Shuttle
  • Laura Wainwright reviews M. Wynn Thomas
  • Robert Minhinnick reviews John Barnie



  • Nick Makoha
  • Shane McCrae
  • Penelope Shuttle
  • Mike Jenkins
  • Jennifer Militello
  • Tim Liardet
  • Damen O’Brien
  • Andy Brown
  • Luke Palmer
  • Lynne Hjelmgaard
  • Sarah Rowland Jones
  • Jay Gao
  • Peter Sirr
  • Craig Santos Perez
  • Jack Mapanje
  • Helen Bowell
  • John Gallas
  • Rhys Trimble
  • Martin Yates
  • Jaydn DeWald
  • Rhea Seren Phillips
  • Harry Lewis
  • L. Kiew
  • Martin Yates
  • Harriet Jae
  • Sarah Anne Williams
  • Jennifer Wong
  • Tony Curtis
  • Lani O’Hanlon
  • William Thompson
  • Elspeth Wilson
  • Greta Stoddart
  • Jamie Woods
  • Luke Samuel Yates
  • Jane Houston
  • George Szirtes
  • Kathryn Gray
  • Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana
  • Joshua Jones
  • Jenny Danes
  • Safiya Kamaria Kinshasa
  • Arji Manuelpillau
  • Kathryn Bevis
  • Yanita Georgieva
  • John Barnie
  • and Jess Thayil (back cover poem)

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