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Edited by Zoë Brigley
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Current Issue: Poetry Wales 57.2 Winter 2021

Edited by  Zoë Brigley


2. Editorial
11. John Kinsella: Copying, Imitation, But Not Reproduction
19. Poems Selected by Isabelle Baafi
32. The Anti-racist Writing Workshop with Felicia Rose Chavez: Social Justice Writing & Teaching Resources
39. A Selection of New Poems by Welsh Writers
50. Kristian Evans: Writing Workshop: Writing the ‘More-than-human’
52. A Selection of Poems from Everywhere


Ledbury Poetry Critics Review Special

Edited by Isabelle Baafi

59. Theophilus Kwek on Cynthia Miller, lisa luxx, and Threa Almontaser
62. Zakia Carpenter-Hall on Kayo Chingonyi, Kazim Ali, and Raymond Antrobus
65. Radha Patel on Joy Harjo, Brigley & Evans, and Elizabeth-Jane Burnett
68. L. Kiew on Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Leo Boix, and Sean Wai Keung
71. Ben Ray on Katherine Stansfield and David Briggs
74. Elizabeth Parker on Tom Sastry and Christina Thatcher


4. Zakia Carpenter-Hall
8. Zoë Skoulding and Oana Avasilichioaei
19. Anthony Anaxagorou
20. SK Grout
21. Aaron Kent
23. Lois P. Jones
23. Rowan Lyster
24. Ben Gwalchmai
24. Lucy Anderson
25. Sihle Ntuli
25. Ryan Norman
26. Courtney Conrad
27. Sodïq Oyekanmi
28. Bernadette Reed
29. Shehzar Doja
30. Jane Burn
31. James McDermott
39. Kate North
40. Kandace Siobhan Walker
41. Susie Wild
42. Carl Griffin
43. Philip Gross
44. John Freeman
45. Thomas Stewart
46. Hilary Watson
47. Taz Rahman
48. Christina Thatcher
49. Amanda Rackstraw
52. Jon Stone
53. Wendy Allen
54. Jodie Hollander
55. Rosebud Ben-Oni
55. David Ishaya Osu
56. Jean O’Brien
57. Antony Huen
58. Ben Rogers
58. Matt Kirkham

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