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Edited by Zoë Brigley
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Current Issue: Poetry Wales 58.3 Spring 2023

Editor  Zoe Brigley

Co-editor Greg Muse

Reviews Editor George Sandifer-Smith



  • A Translation of Menna Elfyn’s ‘Mercy’ by Emma Baines
  • A Selection of Poems Selected by Grug Muse
  • Conversations Across Borders: Nia Morais & Gwen Nell Westerman Discuss Language
  • Extracts from a Sequence of Latin American Sonnets by Leo Boix
  • Iestyn Tyne: A Creative Writing Workshop Inspired by T.H. Parry-Williams
  • Duos: Poems in Conversations


  • Mab Jones reviews Mari Ellis Dunning & Jessica Mookherjee
  • Grug Muse reviews Elinor Wyn Reynolds & Matthew M.C. Smith
  • PC Evans reviews Andrew McNeillie
  • Hilary Watson reviews Shazea Quraishi, Helen Calcutt, Natalie Whittaker & Jamie Hale


  • Menna Elfyn
  • Katrina Naomi
  • Brennig Davies
  • Meleri Davies
  • Sian Northey
  • Talulah Thomas
  • Morgan Owen
  • Catherine Balaq
  • Gwenno Gwilym
  • Hywel Griffiths
  • Dyfan Lewis
  • Les Stuart
  • Steffan ap Carys
  • Nasim Rebecca Asl
  • Angela Gardner
  • David Greenslade
  • Caroline Bracken
  • Rhys Owain Williams
  • Lucy Holme
  • Adesiyan Oluwapelumi
  • Rachael Clyne
  • Jacqueline Saphra
  • John Freeman
  • Martin Kennedy Yates
  • Leo Boix
  • Gita Ralleigh
  • Leigh Anthony Manley
  • Ness Owen
  • Stephen Payne
  • Sian Northey
  • Matthew Francis
  • Jean O’Brien
  • Moniza Alvi
  • Jane Burn
  • Maggie Freeman
  • Maitreyabandhu
  • Mari Ellis Dunning
  • Martha Kapos
  • Sally Roberts Jones
  • Janette Ayachi
  • Jo Morris Dixon
  • Hiba Heba


Back Cover Poem Elizabeth O’Connor

Cover Image Images  from Esyllt Lewis, Bwa Bwa featuring Emma Lewis-Jones

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