Plaid Cymru: The Emergence of a Political Party

Laura McAllister
Publication Date: 
Wednesday, October 31, 2001
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In the first full-length study of its kind,  Laura McAllister portrays the emergence of Plaid Cymru in the post-War world from its origins as a disparate association of campaigners and activists to its current status of fully-functioning political machine.
Skilfully interweaving rigorous historical analysis and interviews with key protagonists, McAllister takes us through the issues and events of a turbulent half century. 

Much more than a simple re-telling of events, this book focuses on the debates and divisions which still mark the party. It shows how Plaid struggles to balance the concerns of its rural, bilingual, traditional heartlands with campaigns for social and economic reforms in the Valleys.  McAllister also examines the role of women in the party; looks at its relationships with Westminster and with Brussels; and considers what must be done if Plaid is really to overtake New Labour and become truly The Party of Wales.

Laura McAllister is Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Public Administration and Management at the University of Liverpool, and was political analyst for BBC Wales’s coverage of the National Assembly and European Parliament elections.

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