Offerings and Reinventions

Iwan Bala
Publication Date: 
Monday, January 17, 2000
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With iconographic zeal, Iwan Bala shifts his hallmark imagery onto a new three-dimensional level with Offerings and Reinventions. Published to accompany the touring exhibition of the same name, this book explores the work of one of Wales’ foremost artists and thinkers about art at the turn of the Millennium. At its centre are over eighty black and white images and sixteen pages of colour plates, together with an autobiographical essay in which the bilingual Bala views contemporary Wales through his own life and work. Essays by artist and curator Shelagh Hourahane and Michael Toobey of the National Museum of Wales set Bala’s work in a wider artistic context and discuss the idea of custodial aesthetics which Bala has introduced into the art scene in Wales. Written in Welsh and English, Offerings and Reinventions is a must have guide to the work of Iwan Bala and to Welsh art in the year 2000.

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