Dai Vaughan
Publication Date: 
Thursday, November 18, 1999
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A hugely energetic rumination on politics, family and fiction, Non-Return traces the life of a technical draughtsman and writer, following his efforts to reconcile his art and his everyday life.

Interspersed with exquisitely-written short fictions, this is a novel about fatherhood, work, memory, the disempowerment of the individual, and the significance of protest - most keenly explored in the death of the narrator’s wife, a resident of the Greenham Common peace camp.

Non-Return is a dazzlingly innovative work of fiction from an ambitious, politicised, and deeply humane writer.

Born in 1933, Dai Vaughan is a former documentary film-editor, and the author of four previous works of fiction including Totes Meer, and the acclaimed  For Documentary.

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