Mr Roopratna's Chocolate: The Winning Stories from the Rhys Davies Competition

Cary Archard (Editor)
Publication Date: 
Thursday, November 18, 1999
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The thirteen prize-winners in the 1999 Rhys Davies Short Story Competition offer a variety which couldn’t have been constructed by a commissioning editor. Judges Leslie Thomas, Clare Morgan and Herbert Williams have chosen across a wide range of authors, subjects and styles marked by the single common factor of excellent writing.

The contributors include a rich mix of old hands and young guns, previously published story writers and novelists and completely new names who offer a strong future for fiction in Wales: Glenda Beagan, Deborah Chivers, Lewis Davies, Roger Granelli, Joyce Herbert, Babs Horton, Rae Howells, Jo Hughes, Ron Jones, Heather Jones, Huw Lawrence, Catherine Merriman and Caryl Ward.

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