The Movement of Bodies

Sheenagh Pugh
Publication Date: 
Friday, April 1, 2005
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Like the protagonist in the title poem of Sheenagh Pugh’s tenth collection - a mathematician startled to find himself in love - we are led into these poems by apparently straightforward tales that swerve into lyricism or surprise us with paradox. Many of Pugh’s trademark themes and ideas appear here: a drunken snooker ace, harshly beautiful landscapes in the northern isles, quirky characters glimpsed on the street. The poet’s fascination with the internet continues with a collection of ’Googlisms’, culled from a website that throws up definitions and contexts of a search term from sites trawled by the search engine Google. This collection is a marriage of tradition and technology which brings poetry to the cyber-generation. Recommended by the Poetry Book Society.

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