Mary Morgan (Three Plays)

Greg Cullen
Publication Date: 
Monday, October 26, 1998
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’Mary Morgan’ is the story of a young servant girl seduced and then betrayed by her master’s son. Pregnant and in despair, she is trapped into actions that have ultimately tragic consequences. Based on an incident in nineteenth-century Wales, this moving play is set against a background of civil unrest, family disharmony and social and sexual inequality.

’Tarzanne’ is a female version of the tale of the white ’apeman’. Kidnapped by chimps as a toddler, Anne is recaptured and sold to her wealthy family back in the Welsh borders. Will they be able to civilise the young heiress? Told with imaginative flashbacks including a cast of ’apes’, this play is a provocative critique of Victorian values.

’Frida and Diego: A Love Story’ is based on the colourful lives of the Mexican painters Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Using images from their own works and a chorus of figures from Mexican folklore, this play follows the tempestuous couple from their first meeting, through their travels to the States - where Diego paints murals for Rockerfeller - to their involvement with Trotsky and his enemies.

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