Marble Sky

Vuyelwa Carlin
Publication Date: 
Friday, June 7, 2002
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Vuyelwa Carlin has established a reputation as a highly distinctive stylist. Published internationally and instantly recognisable, her poems feature an intricate, mosaic-like technique.

Marble Sky, her third collection, is in three varied sections. It opens with ’Bottles of Blood’, a series that recalls the poet’s childhood in Africa and then further travels as an adult in Poland and America. The second part features the title poem, a meditation on autistic aloneness, and other poems on individuality, disability and what it is to be human. This is followed by narratives inspired by her current life in the Shropshire countryside. The book concludes with ’The Anchorite’, a mysterious and moving dramatization of the spiritual life of a religious solitary.

The rich, evocative and original poems in Marble Sky will intrigue and enchant readers.

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