Lonely's Game

R.W. Jones
Publication Date: 
Monday, May 24, 1993
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The IRA are loose in Wales, aiming to assassinate Prince Charles and Diana at Cardiff castle. The hit-squad’s divided in lust and loyalty. The plan may already be compromised …

Detective Sergeant Will Morgan has problems: a youngster murdered, another on the run, an unsuitable rookie to break in. He’s heard whispers about the Irish but daren’t tell anyone. They won’t believe him; he’s lost his nerve. Now he’s got to find it fast … Connor Devlin has a cause, a talent - and a secret. He fancies lovely, lethal Kath Maguire, but she’s sleeping with the bomber he’s pledged to protect. Connor’s not too bright. Soon he’ll make a crucial choice ... Timmy Drummond’s big and beautiful but emotionally scarred. He thinks he killed his father, six years ago. He’s found a substitute, a wondering wizard whose hands hold magic - and death. Timmy’s trying to grow up without knowing how or why. He hasn’t got much time... He’s out there somewhere, cold and secretive, drawing them together, pulling all the strings. Who is he, what is he, whose blood does he want? Can anyone beat Lonely at his own deadly Game?

R.W. Jones’ novel bristles with tension, a tale of love and betrayal, bluff and counterbluff. Fresh as tomorrow’s headlines, told at unrelenting pace, it keeps the reader hooked and guessing to its violent end.

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