The Living Wells of Wales

Phil Cope
Publication Date: 
Friday, March 8, 2019
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Author and photographer Phil Cope takes us on a journey through the sacred wells of Wales, from the Anglesey to the Gwent. On his way he discovers wells in city centres and, quite literally, in the middle of nowhere – on mountainsides, in deserted valleys, on the coast, in sea caves. They include healing wells, cursing wells, and wells named for saints, Satan, witches, angels, fairies, friars, nuns, hermits, murderers and hangmen. Cope’s atmospheric photographs are accompanied by folk tales, myths and legends, conversations with well-keepers and poems inspired by Welsh wells.

Wales has an abundance of wells both in the natural state and domesticated for private or civic use. Published in conjunction with Keep Wales Tidy’s Living Wells project, this book is a guide to sites of historic interest important to Welsh identity which have been hidden and neglected in town and countryside, and which now have new life as a result of the project. Packed with colour photographs, including some of long-forgotten wells now rediscovered, The Living Wells of Wales is the new definitive volume on a subject gaining a new popularity.

The Living Wells of Wales is a new title in the Holy Wells series, and is preceded by volumes on Scotland, Cornwall and the Borderlands.



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