The Last Candles

Tony Curtis
Publication Date: 
Thursday, February 23, 1995
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The Last Candles confirms Tony Curtis’s stature as a poet. In it he develops his prize-winning narrative style, bringing a vast range of contemporary and historical perspectives into play in poems private and public about the two world wars and the revolutions in Russia and the Empire. There are poems, too, about visual art, a preoccupation of the author, with painting, sculpture and photography all prominent. And there are intimate poems about family and friends, including the much admired ’Thoughts from the Holiday Inn’, his elegy for John Tripp which also traces the changing face of society in Wales. Throughout, these poems show the formal control, keen observation and honesty of feeling which mark Curtis as such "an interesting and unpredictable poet" - PN Review. The Last Candles is Tony Curtis’s fourth full collection, the first since his successful Selected Poems (1986), which was a Poetry Book Society Recommendation.

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