Intimate Portraits: Contemporary Responses to the Theme of Portraiture

Alison Lloyd
Publication Date: 
Thursday, May 15, 1997
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The word ’portrait’ is, to many people, evocative of those posed formal studies of the nobility adorning the walls of stately homes across Europe and beyond. Yet portraiture in its broadest sense surely encompasses all attempts at depicting the human form, character and condition – a seemingly inexhaustible subject that has fascinated both artist and writers throughout history.

Intimate Portraits incorporates the work of twenty-one artists and ten writers who were each asked to explore, re-interpret and re-assess this age-old subject through contemporary eyes.

The Writers:
Duncan Bush, Tony Curtis, Peter Finch, Paul Henry, Nigel Jenkins, Hilary Llewellyn-Williams, Catherine Merriman, Sheenagh Pugh, Lloyd Rees, Manon Rhys.

The Artists:
Iwan Bala, Keith Bayliss, Lynne Bebb, William Brown, Glenys Cour, Gareth Davies, Ivor Davies, Tony Goble, Harry Holland, Deborah Jones, Nigel Meager, Roger Moss, Cherry Pickles, Shani Rhys James, Jeff Spedding, John Uzzell Edwards, Emrys Williams, Lois Williams, Sue Williams, Nigel Wood, Ernest Zobole.

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