'The Hook', 'Masks' and 'Midway' - All Three for only £12.50

Duncan Bush
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
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To celebrate the release of the new poetry collection The Flying Trapeze by Duncan Bush, we have created a bundle offer on his previous three poetry collections. This exclusive offer, which is only available on the Seren website, is £12.50 plus p&p (£10 plus p&p, if you are a member of the online book club)

The Hook - The powerful early poems of Duncan Bush are now available in this volume incorporating his two prize-winning collections Aquarium (1983) and Salt (1985) together with several poems published in pamphlet form at the time of the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike.

Masks - In this ambitious book of poems, Duncan Bush uses a glittering variety of voices and poetic personae. His characters include a South African ex-mercenary, a Welsh hill farmer’s widow, a Cardiff garage mechanic, tourists, and, most memorably in his long poem sequence for two voices, ’Are There Still Wolves In Pennsylvania’, a tragically disturbed American Vietnam War veteran and his wife. 

Midway - A vivid series of viewpoints starts with memories of a post-war Britain, a childhood obsessed with reading and American cinema, and moves forward to less personal experiences and then to married life and fatherhood, middle age, and the view from ’mainland Europe’ at the end of the ’Nineties. In a prose essay, this most committed of individualists also writes of individual and national history; and, in memorable poems, on gardening, landscape, BSE and the crisis in farming, and - compellingly - on the televised funeral of Princess Diana.

"Duncan Bush creates a resilient dignity from individual acts of endeavour against the obliterating rapids of history." - Poetry Wales

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