Hoofpicks: Photographs of the Horse in Wales

Bruce Cardwell
Publication Date: 
Monday, July 20, 2009
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The horse has been central to Welsh history and retains a place of great significance and importance in Welsh society even in the age of car travel and growing urbanisation.


Photographer Bruce Cardwell set himself the task of recording the many ways in which horses still gallop across the country’s physical and mental landscape. His stunning black and white photographs range from the internationally famous Welsh cobs to wild ponies roaming housing estates. They include the horse at work – mounted shepherds in mid Wales, mounted police in the south. The horse and sport in the form of racing, trotting, and point to point. And horse society – markets, fairs, shows, gymkhanas – and the people who make it – breeders, riders, farmers, hunters, farriers.

Cardwell has captured the whole world of the horse in Wales, itself composed of many different worlds all superbly photogenic. This book is a must-have for all with a love of things equine.

120 pages, 98 black & white images, 250x297 mm.

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