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The Great Master of Ecstasy

Glenda Beagan
Publication Date: 
Tuesday, February 9, 2010
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The Great Master of Ecstasy is Glenda Beagan's poignant collection of interlinked short stories. In her clear and thoughtful prose Glenda explores memory, inspiration and mental health, peering over the edge of the natural world with sometimes chilling results.  Her characters inhabit a north Wales landscape of hillsides and trees, seaside towns and isolated homes, owls and foxes as she traces out the lives of teenagers, self-made men, and women emerging from the shadow of others, uncovering a strong thread of resilient humanity.

“In the no-man’s-land between sleep and waking, between sanity and mental breakdown, Glenda listens to the sonar of the night and logs the human journey between icebergs of mystery and madness.” Lloyd Jones

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