Glyn Jones: Selected Poems

Glyn Jones
Publication Date: 
Friday, August 1, 1975
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This Selected Poems celebrates more than fifty years of poetry by one of Wales’ most versatile writers. Chosen by the author himself, it shows how Glyn Jones’ poetry progressed over the years.

Form and style may have changed but constant throughout the book are Jones’ sensitivity and compassion, his wit and invention, and the intensely visual imagery of a poet who is also an artist. As the Oxford Companion to the Literature of Wales says: ’His images are fresh and bountiful, the words have a shiny newness, as though turned over for the first time, pebbles on an unfamiliar beach."

This selection includes all the classic Jones work, such as 'Merthyr’, 'Swifts’, Esyllt’ and 'The Common Path’, plus the radio play 'The Dream of Jake Hopkins.’

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